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○ all neighbours
○ tenants
○ landlords

○ building manger
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Start direct conversations with the people you need the most

✓ trusted neighbours living next door
✓ concierge office or building manager

Connect - Communicate - Contribute

○ Safer Neighbourhoods
✓ real time alerts and notifications

○ The entire community is listening
✓ ask and get solutions to your problems from people who really care about you

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Find or publish local events
& and make announcements

Everything you need locally

○ Book trusted & professional service providers in your area

✓ home cleaners
✓ plumbers
✓ tutors
✓ accountants
✓ dance instructors
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○ Are you a business?

✓ make your business recognized locally
✓ find jobs and start working
✓ get verified and become the go to service provider
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